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Keep Scorpions Off Your Las Vegas Property With Ace Pest Control

Whether you find them in your yard or your house, scorpions are not a pest to mess with. Their poisonous stings and ability to bite make them a danger to your family and pets, but their penchant for hiding in dark areas makes them difficult to eliminate. When you have a scorpion problem, trust the professionals at Ace Pest Control to take care of it.

Our Scorpion Control Process

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With the help of the professional scorpion control services from Ace Pest Control, you will feel confident knowing that both the exterior and interior of your residential or commercial building is protected from stinging scorpions!

Interior Treatments

As part of our scorpion control process, we'll treat all the interior baseboards in your home or business with a spray that is specially designed for indoor use.

Exterior Treatments

Outside, we'll spray three to six feet from your foundation out into your yard. Scorpions often hide around the edges of your home or business as they wait for grasshoppers to feed on, so we focus on these areas during the treatment, making sure to lift any lips treat underneath them; we recommend replacing any cracked weather stripping as scorpions sometimes get in through these cracks.

In addition, we also provide a dusting treatment around doorways and the perimeter of your house to create a long-lasting barrier of scorpion prevention.

Enjoy Your Home And Yard Without The Fear Of Scorpions!

No one wants to worry about putting on a pair of shoes or climbing into bed at night, but when scorpions have invaded your space, that’s precisely what you’ll do. Stop the worry and stress by partnering with Ace Pest Control for a thorough scorpion control treatment. We will eliminate the threat of scorpions for you. To get started with your free inspection for your home or business here in Las Vegas, Henderson, and southern Nevada, or to schedule your service, reach out to Ace Pest Control today!


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