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Keep Your Las Vegas Home & Business Rodent-Free

Of all the pests that can invade your home or business, few are as dangerous as rodents. These small furry creatures spread harmful bacteria and diseases, introduce in parasites, and do extensive damage to your home or business, as well as your personal property. While preventing their entry is ideal, if you end up with a rodent infestation, eliminating it as quickly as possible is crucial to minimize the damage to your commercial or residential property and keep your family healthy. Ace Pest Control can help!

Our Rodent Control Process

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Free Inspections

Here at Ace Pest Control, each and every one of our rodent control services begin with a free inspection. Our highly trained rodent control technicians are trained and experienced in finding the signs that rodents leave behind.

During our inspection, our experts will look for smudges on baseboards, droppings in cupboards, and areas of clutter that rodents may find attractive for nesting. In addition, we’ll also give you helpful suggestions on changes you can make to make home or business less appealing to invading mice and rats.

Quality Treatments

At Ace Pest Control, our rodent control treatments consist of removing the rodents in your home as well as ensuring they can’t get back inside after treatment. To accomplish this, we use bait boxes to capture the invading rodents and eliminate your current infestation. Rodents are attracted to the food in the bait boxes and, once inside, are unable to escape. Once we remove all rodents from your house or business, we’ll perform the necessary exclusion work to seal any entry points into your home. Since some rodents can fit through holes the size of a dime, this is an essential part of the rodent control process. Your home may have entry points you’re not even aware of, but the experts at Ace know exactly where to look!


Our rodent control services come with a 30-day guarantee. If rodents return within that time frame, we will return to re-treat at no additional cost!

Don’t Let Dangerous Rodents Onto Your Property!

At Ace Pest Control, we understand that merely eliminating your current rodent problem isn’t enough. That’s why we offer suggestions on how to make your home or business less appealing to them, as well as provide exclusion work to make your Las Vegas or southern Nevada property as difficult as possible for them to access. We want your home or business to be free of rodents now and in the future, and our experts know exactly how to make that happen! To schedule a free inspection or your service, contact us today!


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