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Pigeon Control And Bird Removal

We offer all Las Vegas’ residents, as well as surrounding areas, with a free quote on the removal, cleaning, and deterring of their pigeon problem. To make use of this no-obligation quote, give us a call at (702) 871-1211.

The Pigeon Problem in Las VegasPigeon Removal Las Vegas

Las Vegas Pigeon ControlMany people that aren’t from Nevada or surrounding areas might scoff at the idea of having a “pigeon problem,” but it’s a real issue that home owners have to deal with. Just a year or two of having pigeons nesting on your roof can literally cover the whole structure. To an onlooker, such an explosive rate of fecal matter can be quite unbelievable.

However, the pigeon’s exponential mating and mess making can be explained quite easily: pigeons are attracted to the scent of their mothers’ droppings. When pigeons aren’t removed therefore, their offspring and future offspring will be attracted to where the initial family began nesting.

The fecal matter of pigeons doesn’t sit quite well with human property owners for a wide range of reasons. To begin with, their droppings make a mess of benches, sidewalks, cars, roofs, and other surfaces. Not to mention that over time, such depositions will stain buildings and kill vegetation.

In addition to pigeons being a big problem for airports and their airplanes, they also spread diseases to human. Pigeons carry mosquitoes, ticks, mites, parasites, and other diseases which can be passed on to us. Not to mention that accumulated pigeon droppings can cause roof leaks from rotted roofing or clogged rainwater.

The accumulated droppings of nesting pigeons can also include dangerous bacteria such as Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Psittacosis, and St. Louis Encephalitis and over sixty various diseases.

Due to the pigeon’s safety and cosmetic concern for humans, it is no surprise that it is categorized as a pest.

Pigeon Prevention and Cleanup in Las Vegas

After removing pigeons and their nesting, we can begin cleaning up after them. Our cleanup process begins with disinfecting the area so that it is safe for our team to begin working. We then use a high pressure washer to clean all surfaces which were affected by the nesting pigeons. In addition to driveways, sidewalks, walls, beams, ledges, and other surfaces being cleaned, their runoff is also removed.

In some cases, roofing tiles are so damaged that they need to be taken apart and fully cleaned. It’s recommended that you have your pigeon problem taken care of, and all surfaces cleaned, before their fecal accumulation causes severe damage or leak.

To learn how you can avoid costly roof repairs, patches, or replacements caused by pigeons, give us a call at (702) 871-1211.

Safely Removing Pigeons and Other Birds

Believe it or not, pigeons have a sort of “GPS” that makes it easy for them to get back to their nest if they are released nearby. This makes it difficult for home owners to scare pigeons away by themselves, because they end up coming back. At Ace Pest Control we can effectively remove pigeons and make sure that they don’t come back, all without having to use harmful traps or poison which can be harmful to humans and other animals. Not to mention that poisoning pigeons can cause more of a headache due to the odor they produce if they die, or become trapped in a roof cavity.

Our team is dedicated to trapping pigeons in a safe manner and releasing them far away to insure that they don’t return. Furthermore, we don’t let trapped pigeons die inside our traps without water, shade, or food. Every day a pigeon is caught, we make sure that they are released to be as humane as possible.

Pigeon and Bird Nesting Prevention and Control

Pigeons like to nest underneath gutters due to the protection they provide. To keep pigeons out from nesting in these areas for years to come, we utilize pigeon netting which is really cost-effective. These nets are a permanent solution to keeping pigeons out and they are also not that visible. Not to mention that all of our pigeon netting installations include a zipper, so getting inside will be a breeze if it’s ever required.

It should be noted that before we install pigeon netting’s, or any control solutions, we clean the area of past debris and fecal matter. This insures that the old debris does not continue to damage any surfaces after the pigeon control techniques are implemented.

To make use of our effective and affordable pigeon control options, give Ace Pest Control a call at (702) 871-1211. We can schedule a free appointment and give you our input as to the best course of action with your pigeon problem and your unique home’s deterrent requirements.

Pigeon screening is another method that keeps pigeons off of your roof, but it involves a metal screen mesh rather than a netting. Bird spikes are also a great solution to keeping pigeons away from ledges, roof peaks, and other areas. Although this technique sounds dangerous or inhumane, it has nothing to do with harming the birds but rather just making it difficult for them to nest. Bird spikes are made from plastic, don’t look off-putting, and are affordable. These mild “spikes” or surfaces deter birds from nesting without harming them in any way.

Commercial Pigeon Control in Las Vegas

In addition to having served thousands of home owners in the Las Vegas area and surrounding areas, we have also worked with hundreds of commercial property owners to remove and deter pigeons. We’ve worked on properties ranging from schools and stores to casinos and factories. There isn’t a job too big or too small for our experienced pest control team.

If you’re interested on hiring us to remove pigeons from your property, or have any questions, give us a call at (702) 871-1211.

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