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Are Pesky Pigeons Ruining Your Property?

Whether pigeons have invaded your home property or the area in front of your business, it’s safe to say they’re not wanted there. Besides the aggravation of having to navigate around them every time you go inside or out, they also create a large and dangerous mess with their excrement, and can even cause damages to your property and buildings. Plus, a pigeon problem can cause you to lose business if customers aren’t easily able to come and go. If pigeons are a growing problem around your property, we can help!

Our Pigeon Control Process

a ceiling with bird spikes set up to prevent pigeons in henderson nevada

At Ace Pest Control, we utilize humane pigeon control treatments to effectively remove these pest birds from your property without harming them.

Free Inspections

To start off our pest bird control process, we’ll begin with a free inspection to determine how bad the problem is and what methods of control will work best for the situation on your Las Vegas or Henderson, Nevada property.

Quality Treatments

The treatment options that we offer include the installation of bird netting, bird spikes, and fencing. We do not use any chemical agents. Our treatments work to prevent pigeons from getting to the areas where they spend their time, forcing them to move on to a different location and away from your home or business.

As part of our pigeon control treatments, we also offer sanitation services to clean up the messes that these birds leave behind. This is an important step in our pigeon control process as pigeon excrement can spread harmful bacteria and diseases and removing it is essential in keeping your family, pets, employees, and customers healthy and safe. To protect your home or business from the problems that come with a pest bird infestation, partner with Ace Pest Control for assistance!

Protect Your Las Vegas Home Or Business From Pigeon Damage!

Whether they damage your home by nesting near your roof or damage your business’s reputation by always blocking your entryway, pigeons are not a bird you want around. With pigeon control from Ace Pest, your problem will soon be a thing of the past. Take back your property with the help of Ace Pest Control. To get started with your free inspection for your residential or commercial property here in southern Nevada, or to schedule your pigeon control service, contact Ace Pest Control today!


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