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Effective Ant Control Solutions For Las Vegas & Henderson

Ants are a big problem for Nevada homeowners. While some ants are simply a nuisance, others can cause illness and destroy property. Because they are so small, they can get into your home through the tiniest of openings including gaps around doors and windows, cracks in your foundation, and even by walking along the wires that enter your house.

Our Proven Ant Control Process

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If you see one ant in your home, you can be certain that there are many more, possibly even thousands, hiding out inside your home that you can’t see. If you're looking to eliminate ants from your residential or commercial property, partner with the pest control experts at Ace Pest Control to get rid of them!

With ant control from Ace Pest Control, you'll get the quality ant protection that you're looking for! Our treatments are effective at eliminating ants and safe for your family, making it the perfect option for you! Not only that, our ant control includes both interior and exterior treatments to provide long-lasting results.

Interior Treatments

During our ant control process, one of our highly trained pest control experts will treat the interior of your home in all of the areas that you’ve spotted ants or signs of an ant infestation. In some cases, our technicians will also remove outlet covers and treat the spaces inside to ensure your ant problem is eliminated.

Exterior Treatments

Outside, we'll use a granular ant control product to treat for ants. This product is applied around the entire yard to create an effective barrier of prevention for invading ants. By using this two-fold approach, we not only eliminate the ants inside your house, but also significantly reduce their numbers outside, preventing future infestations.

Eliminating Ants Has Never Been Easier!

When ants get into your home, it sometimes feels like you’ll never be able to get them out. As soon as you kill one, another two show up. With ant control from Ace Pest Control, you’ll receive the treatments you need to get to the root of your problem, eliminating ants for good. Our treatments are safe and effective at freeing your home from ants. To get started with your free inspection for your home or business here in Las Vegas and southern Nevada, or to schedule your service, reach out to Ace Pest Control today!


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